Birthing a Brilliant Brand

You know that old story about the shoemaker’s children and how they run around barefoot? Well, Isca Design Studio’s tootsies have been blistered for quite some time. Until now.

Now, we celebrate the birth of our brilliant brand, with this, the first blog post on our fantastic new website. How did we get here? We’ll tell you.

Building a brilliant brand is about defining—and then refining. It’s about developing the right language to present ourselves to the world. At Isca Design Studio, we have specific words: words we love (intuition, client testimonials), over-used words we hate (leverage), and words that are okay—sometimes (authentic).

After finding the right words, we had to develop the right look, one that was simple, straightforward and unique to us. So we opened our eyes. We looked at what was out there, what inspired us, what would help us tell our story. Then came percolation, distillation, until one day, it appeared. Time to tell the world…

…And so, we put our creativity to task crafting our website. It’s our public face so it better be our best work. This website required all our efforts, and we saw how much of a team we have become. But we are not just the sum of our parts. What we realized putting the website together is that we are so much more: we are our clients. Seeing ourselves through our clients’ eyes, we figured out what defines our brilliant brand.

We are Isca Design Studio, and we create smart, intuitive design for brilliant brands. This is our website, and it suits us. Like a brand new pair of kicks.